Welcome to KiteCruiser

After a sailing day some comfortable relax in a spatious cabin? Finnally we want also our familiest to sail with us.

The interior of KiteCruiser was designed to offer as much comfort as possible for a 30 ft hull. There are 2 double cabins, a confortable salon with panoramic windows, a separate cooking corner and all this with a stamding heigth.

Some start always from the same harbour, I love to change sailing areas. Baltic, Adriatic, Aaland, Ijsselmeer or Baleares this all has to be in reach.

KiteCruiser is foldable and transportable. Folding allows to use e.g. the boxes in some north european harbours. Easy dismantling, size for a normal trailer and watering on a slipway ensure, that different areas can be reached easily.

Of course we all love to sail fast. The higer speed increases the range and opens new possibilities.

The boat is designed as a very lightweigth trimaran. This shall ensure a sailing significantly faster than the hull speed. Current estimation is acruising speed of 12 knots.

INNOVATIVE - sure! The main innovation is the propulsion by a Kite!

The boat shall have no classic rigg. Instead it shall profit of several advantages that comes with the use of a Kite. The design of the boat was optimised for it.

Additionallz several other smaller innnovations or non-typical solutions were adopted.