Welcome again after a short break in news. On the 12 of March 2017 we managed to perform the first trials of the vessel model. The measuring equipment and the camera recorded successfully first data. We managed to bring the model to surfing! The first videos can be seen in our gallery.

The intention is to verify the resistance of the final design be different speeds. The most interesting is to get the drag force when the model is going beyond the so called “hull speed”, which is about 7 knots for a 28 ft. long boat.

The 1:10 scale model was prepared on a RepRap Prusa printer. Several blocks were printed separately and glued together. A polyester filler, sand paper and spray paint managed to get a nice shiny surface of the hull and the side amas. Supporting beams and most of specific equipment on board were 3D printed as well.

The pulling force is being measured with an electronic kitchen balance. You can see the indications in the mirror (of course mirror inverted). The speed is measured with a bicycle speed meter installed on the towing machine.

We did not perform a complete measurement as some adjustments are still needed. This is ongoing now and we shall do more soon!

If You would like to join, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Model trials 300px