Yes! After our tests of sailing a boat with a kite, the formal work is finally completed. We had a total of 2 weekends of kite-sailing. Additionally during a sailing session with a classic rig we collected the data for a comparative polar curve.

We have observed very interresting effects. Some performances were clearly beyond the expectations.

The report is now free for download on our home page - just click here.

In the first part there is a description of the preparation works and the used equipment.

The second part contains general observations.

In the third part all assessments of the measured data are summed up!

I truly hope it will be a useful material for all intrested by use of innovative methods to use the wind on sailing boats.

Please feel free to copy and futher distribute the report. We are also very interrested to getting your feedback!

We have performed the tests, measurements and assesed the results in the best possible way, but this is an open project, so we do not take any resposibility for the correctness of the data nor for conclusions or any usage of this data.

KiteCruiser whishes You a nice December and a fantastic Christmas time.