There was longer no news! Yes indeed I am very busy with the construction, so no really time for publishing. Cross the fingers for enough motivation and a good progress ;-).

Welcome again after a short break in news. On the 12 of March 2017 we managed to perform the first trials of the vessel model. The measuring equipment and the camera recorded successfully first data. We managed to bring the model to surfing! The first videos can be seen in our gallery.

Yes it works. Our first trial session just to use a power kite in lieu of classic sails to propulse a boat simply worked!

Actually when a kite can pull a kite surfer.... more can nearly shoot him out of the water on many meters in the air, then why shouldn't it be able to pull a boat.

Our first test was a full success. We could sail and record interresting measurement data. See our video in the gallery or on YouTube. The recorded data will be put together and completed with a report soon. All will be available for free on our internet site And here the full story...

Yes! After our tests of sailing a boat with a kite, the formal work is finally completed. We had a total of 2 weekends of kite-sailing. Additionally during a sailing session with a classic rig we collected the data for a comparative polar curve.

We have observed very interresting effects. Some performances were clearly beyond the expectations.

The report is now free for download on our home page - just click here.

Our project is progressing! We managed to finalise the first video showing the inside of the KiteCruiser Chinook. Please find it in our gallery or on YouTube here. You will be amazed about how nice inside was created:

- a large and comfortable fore cabin,

- a mess room with separate cooking corner and a navi and evening table in one

- a very comfortable owner's cabin under the cockpit.

I could challenge You to find so much comfortable living room on a 28ft trimaran!

All your comments, ideas will be very welcome. Please use our contact form.