Our perfect boat has some basic functions that it needs to satisfy. We will call them "key features". Hopefully You agree they are important

Indeed most of us are crazy sailors. The boat shall be fast and give a lot of sailing fun. Comfortable bed in cabin or just a sleeping corner? Full pantry with oven and fridge or camping cooker and cool bilge locker? Finally toilet with shower or hanging over board?

But is our partner also happy with the spartanskie warunki? I bet, without the comfort options there is a "no go" for a peaceful holiday. We want the boat to be family friendly. To have on board the maximum of comfort that will be possible.

Your partner and your kids will be happy and finally you will appreciate too.

The musts:

- at least one separate cabin
- comfortable beds (not too short. ..)
- cooking corner with water, cooking plate, oven, fridge
- separate toilet with basic shower
- all nice and useful comfort that is possible

Starting from the same harbour every weekend? Only 2 or 3 places in your 2-days range?

Maybe You want more? A real freedom. Changing areas as You like! Not being hard programmed for the winterage crane slot! One weekend here, one somwhere else? Holiday once on Baltic and next year between Sicily and Dubrovnik?

This is really possible. We will get it in this project. We will achieve a real freedom as every sailor is looking for.

The musts:

- the boat must fit on trailer
- the transport breadth is to be 2.5 m
- the launching on a slipway must be easy
- no deep balast
- total empty weight to be within abt. 2 tons.

Used to 6 knots? By 8 the smile is so large that you would open a bottle of champagne! Anyway do not try to convert it to km/h. Otherwise the smile will be gone. The speed defines very sharply our range. But also allows a better weather conditioned routing.

The boat we want to develop shall sail twice as fast as the conventional 32' family boat.

The musts:

- 12 knots shall be normal
- 16 knots and over shall be a fun

Yes - A combination of all above parameters does not exist yet. Innovation and creativity will be requested. It is also the most of the fun! We will develop ideas, combine them to fit for the goal, but we can deviate also into several versions if relevant.

One idea is to use a kite as main propulsion. It has several advantages! Hopefully disadvantages will not overhead.

For traditionalists a masted version is also foreseen.

The musts:

- fully open mind
- constructive creative spirit
- unlimited courageous ideas