We have a lot of talented people spread. Collecting them together allows to create amazing things. The best examples are open source software or databases. Who did not hear about Wikipedia, Open Office or Open Street Maps? They are amazing and sometimes over heading the comercial prototypes.

Our ambition is to take this good examples and apply to the innovative KiteCruiser project.

The KiteCruiser open design project play rules:

The KiteCruiser is an open design project and all the activities and creation in any form are done under the GNU General Public License v3 or higher. The GNU License text can be read here.

Shall the link not work, please contact us so we can update it.

Short sum up of the rules:

1) The project is open and we underdand here the following:

a) Everyone can contribute with his skills, knowledge, ideas, good will, good coment and in any form that will be useful for the project
b) The contribution is volountary and non renumerated
c) All data produced within the project are open and open source. Everyone can get them, use in total or in part for private or commercial use.
d) The data used from the open project can be completed, modified, but remains open as well as the sources
e) We all contribute conciously and care about the quality, but we decline any kind of warranty or responsibility for then produced data and their use by further persons. Also even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public Licence for more details.

2) The project is legal so all the contributions must be legal too:

a) we do not use any illegal software
b) we do not copy protected data, idea, solutions, images etc.
c) we do not create / publish any illegal, discriminating, violent or offensive content 
d) each contributor is responsible for the published content and its legality

3) It is very much about the people! We are a comunity with a common constructive goal:

a) we want to develop, learn each other and have fun in it
b) we respect each other in all aspects
c) we contribute in a constructive way
d) we want to be as clear and precise as possible
e) we keep the goal of the project and the fun in focus

4) As the project is we also are open:

a) every idea counts
b) there are no bad questions
c) we all accept constructive criticisme as it brings us forward
5) In case of non respect of the above rules the:
a) user can be immediately suspended
b) content can be deleted