The data files are available!

Two first versions of the hull are available for download! Registered users can access them through the data menu. Do not hestitate to download them. Of course all modifications, improvements as well as iterior design proposals are very welcome. Please do not hesitate to comment the design. It will helps a lot by the development.

The pictures of the 2 versions are in the gallery.

The KiteCruiser Alizee version is the first shot. It is a trimaran with a very high cabin volume. Every interior designer will be astonished about the amount of space available. The cockpit is a classic seiling boat version. The half cabin under the cockpit allows a comfortable life of at least 1 person. For 2 might be possible but a bit cosy.

KiteCruiser Bora has basically the same forward part. The main highlights are:

- dedicated steering place in the cockpit behind the cabin. Such arrangement allows a very comfortable sailing also for long hours. All electronics and steering devices can be collected arround one desk.

- large sun bed in the cockpit main part. The passenger sailors can take here a really "vacation" position!

- under the cockpit there is enough place for a fantastic aft cabin!

 I am curious on Your feedback and ideas!