Our project is composed out of topics. Within each topic we will cover different aspects of our project. Some are very technical, but some rather organisational. Do not worry if You do not feel specialist in such or other domain. Choose the topic You are motivated to! Every fresh look is also very important. Everybody is welcome.

We need to be seen. Therefore the public relation (PR) aspect cannot be neglected.

We want to arrive to our goal, a design that can be used to built real boats - do we need here project management?

Some one needs to have a good overview...

The hull shape will guarantee good sea behaviour, fast sailing but also a nice look...

The hull strength a topic of high importance!

The KiteCruiser shall have comfort on board. Why?

A boat shal be as uncomplexe as possible. However several mechanical systems will be necessary anyway...

This will be a rich story. We need a winch here, maybe a chart plotter here.

We want to be versatile. The land transport is an integral part of the concept.