Are your dreaming about Your best boat? Improving it continously in your head by every free minute? Having a portion of fantastic ideas how to make work this or that better? Or maybe simply your dream about a sailing holiday, but the boat is still missing... Then KiteCruiser is also for You!

What is KiteCruiser?

KiteCruiser is an open project aiming to develop a perfect boat... hmm perfect?... probably it will never be perfect, but at least shall be:

HullShape  - family friendly
- versatile
- fast
- innovative

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What is an open project?

You probably know what is an open source software. An open project is a similar idea for developing e.g. a design. People are invited to contribute with their good ideas, knowledge, time, hints, good will and any kind of support that might be useful. All on a non renumerated basis. As reward all the produced data are openly and royalty free available for use.

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How we want to proceed?

Developing a design requires looking into different aspects, but also planning, coordinating, publishing etc. The project plan lists the different topics we need to cover and the way we coordinate it.

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You are also very welcome to join us in this exciting project. We do not look only for high skilled engineers or similar. Everyone can contribute and everyone counts for us!

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